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19 Jul
23 Feb

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A very enjoyable meeting took place in Templemore last night!

Thanks to Councillor Michael Ryan, who made all feel very welcome at the first of our Midlands Support Groups.

People who stuttered attended the event and spoke about how stammering impacted on their lives. There was a very positive atmosphere and those who attended spoke of the support that they gained from speaking freely among other people who stutter.

Parents of young people who stammer also attended the group and gained information as well as being able to hear that there is hope to be an effective communicator and achieve your goals in life even if you do stammer.

It can be a big step for a person who stutters to walk into a room of strangers, so if you are reading this don’t hesitate (!) to call in to a future event…

Sarah McCormack spoke about another ISA Information meeting coming up in Portlaoise, Tuesday 6th March, 8pm in the Maldron Hotel.

Anyone who stammers or who would like more information are warmly invited to attend!

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No upcoming events at the moment.

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