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We host a number of events like support groups and employment support clinics. Click the calendar above to discover all events, or see the upcoming events listed here. 

Employment Support Clinic

Women's Phone Group

Online Support Group

Teenagers Support Group

ISAYiT! Drama Workshops

Online Support Group

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ISA is a registered charity and will gratefully accept any donations.

You may donate by sending a cheque, payable to Irish Stammering Association, or donate right now using the donate button through PayPal.

If your gift is in memory of or in honor of an individual, please include the name and address of the person who is to be notified.


Education Support

We support students who stammer of all educational levels be more comfortable and confident in their schools and universities.

Employment Support

We’re committed to providing the best employment support to people who stammer through articles, clinics, workshops and working with organisations. 

Parents and Children

As well as providing information for parents, we also run ISAYiT!, or Irish Stammering Association Youth international Theatre! This helps children who stammer meet others and develop their confidence through workshops.

Support Groups

Virtual or in-person, support groups are a great way to connect with other people who understand what it is like to stammer. 

Walk & Talk

What better way to meet new people or catch up with people you already know by having a chat and a stroll!

Women’s Phone Group

Hosted every few weeks, this support group is a great way for women who stammer to catch up with each other in a friendly and conversational way. 

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Latest updates

CAO / DARE Applications 2021

Are you planning to apply to the CAO? Do you stammer? Then you may be eligible for DARE. What is DARE? DARE is the Disability Access Rou...


We are a charitable organisation providing information and support to people who stammer in Ireland.