Stammering Pride

People who stammer are individuals. We all have our own thoughts about stammering, and we have all had our own unique experiences of being a person who stammers. As we know, there are many different ways of thinking about stammering, some of which we may find helpful at some points in our lives; others, maybe not so much.

The purpose of the article below, Stammering Pride and the Social Model of Disability, is to provide an outline of one possible way to think about stammering which has been developing recently, i.e. the concept of stammering pride, as well as to provide signposts to some other resources on this topic.

The article below is to provide you, whoever you are and however you may be thinking or feeling in relation to stammering, with information on stammering pride, so you can think about it and see if it is something you would like to know more about at this point in time. If you decide it is, you’ll find references to other resources on stammering pride contained in the article and in the useful links section below. If not, that’s ok too. You may decide it doesn’t suit where you are right now, or maybe that this is not for you. It may be that combining some ideas from stammering pride with other approaches, as well as other resources you have, may also work well for you, or may be useful to you at different times. It may be that you find some of the ideas in stammering pride challenging. If so, maybe put it to one side for now and comeback to it at another time. Above all, try to be kind to yourself and others.


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