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28 Jun
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An A4 handouttitled Summer Camp Tips by the irish Stammering Association. The page has information about stammering tick boxes with options to choose coaches/leaders to do during a moment of stammering, such as wait, don't finish my sentence, don't out me on the spot with questions.
ISA Youth Council - Summer Camp Tips Handout

School's Out For Summer!

The sun might not be here yet, but summer holidays have arrived which means various summer camps will be running up and down the country throughout the summer months.

Summer camps are great fun and provide lots of fun experiences, new skills and new friends. We know that going somewhere new or meeting new people can be more daunting for young people who stammer, so the ISA Youth Council has prepared this free handout to use.

The Irish Stammering Association Youth Council created this guide for coaches and leaders of summer camps to support young people who stammer to feel comfortable and confident.

There are some general facts about stammering and also some suggestions that we think will help young people who stammer feel more comfortable at the camp, such as how you would like your coaches/leaders to respond during a moment of stammering.

The tick boxes mean you can customise it to match your own choices.

You can download this for free and share them with your coach or leader. Print if off or take a screenshot and edit the photo to tick your choices.

We also have more handouts coming at the end of the summer, to support students who stammer in schools - so watch this space!

We hope you find them useful!


Watch this video from an ISA Youth Council member explaining the handout:

A4 handout titled Tips For Summer Camp Leaders To Support Young People Who Stammer. Sections with tickboxes containing options for young people to select to help them feel supported and to educate summer camp leaders.

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