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In the April 2015 edition of the Irish Stammering Association’s Newsletter, some of our contributors’ names were not credited for the articles they wrote. ISA wishes to convey its sincere apologies to these writers. All contributions to ISA’s newsletters are greatly appreciated. It is our hope that these authors will continue to support ISA through sharing their research and insights into stammering. In this way ISA can keep its members informed and updated on new studies and experiences of stuttering in Ireland and further afield. An updated version of our newsletter is now available on our website. The articles and their authors’ names are listed below:

Chairman’s Address- written by Veronica Lynch, outgoing ISA Chairperson and continuing ISAYiT! coordinator.

“A Broad Overview of Stuttering and The Growing Up in Ireland Longitudinal Study: Encouraging results regarding prevalence of and academic achievement”. written by: Kathleen McTiernan and Margaret M. Leahy, Trinity College Dublin.

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