Celebrate International Stuttering Awareness Day with us!

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20 Jan
12 Oct

After all these years of ISAD we want to do something a little bit different. We want to build on Awareness – we want to put other A’s into ISAD. We want to take it to the next level.

Our theme is “Bring Your A Game”!

What “A” will you bring to ISAD?

· Action

· Advocacy

· Ally

· Advancing research

· Arts

· Another idea

Online events through the week include curated talks with invited speakers as well as groups for people who stammer of all ages - as well as a group for parents of those who stammer. An active Autumn Walk and Talk takes place in Dublin on Sunday October 17th.

This year we also have an in person event on Saturday 22nd October in the Hilton Kilmainham Hotel in Dublin. Dr Shelly Jo Kraft (Wayne State University, USA) will be advancing research with the genetics study that ISA members have contributed to.  We will also have special events for young people who stammer including the launch of our first ‘zine bringing an artistic and creative element to the day. We’ll also be having a first meeting of our new ISA Youth Council starting a new theme of advocacy for young people who stammer!

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No upcoming events at the moment.

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