International Women’s Day – Let’s celebrate!

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1% of the world’s population stammer yet women who stammer are outnumbered by about 4 or 5 to 1 by men. That makes us very special indeed.

Today is International Women’s Day and to mark it Irish Stammering Association want to celebrate some famous women who have at some point in their lives stammered. These women can inspire us to reach our potential as women who stammer.

The following women made their mark on the world and showed us that stammering does not have to limit us.

Marilyn Monroe – actress, singer & BAFTA nominated & Golden Globe award winner

Carly Simon – singer & Grammy, Academy & Golden Globe award winner

Margaret Drabble – novelist, biographer & critic

Emily Blunt – actress & BAFTA nominated & Golden Globe award winner

Peggy Lipton – actress & Golden Globe Award winner

Michelle Williams – singer with Destiny’s Child & theatre actress

So, let’s celebrate these women but let us also celebrate our own lives too. As women who stammer, remember, we are daughters, sisters, friends, wives, partners, mothers, work colleagues and so much more and every day we inspire those who know us by our determination and unwillingness to give in despite the difficulties we experience through stammering.

Here are few things you can do if you are a woman who stammers

– Sign up for ISA women’s telephone support group

– Join the ISA and help support adults & children who stammer

Do the Women’s Mini Marathon with other women who stammer to raise money for ISA

– Take part in research to help better understand the causes and treatments for stammering

Enjoy International Women’s Day!

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