HSE Galway - working with Children who Stammer

Patricia Collins, Senior Speech and Language Therapist at HSE Galway, along with her team, held an event for children who stammer in...

5 September 2020


Support For Parents of Children Who Stammer

Our Parents' Online Support Group allows the parents of children who stammer to share information and experiences related to their...

18 January 2021


Support Group - Adults Who Stammer

Irish Stammering Association's Online Support Group will take place on Tuesday 19th January from 7-8 pm. You must be at least 18 years...

18 January 2021


Support Groups updates

Support groups are important to people who stammer as a way to relate to similar stories and experiences. That’s why we’re committed to having them as often as possible, whether virtual or in-person.

Remember to register your interest on the events list, and check on the calendar to see when the next support groups take place.

Upcoming Support Groups

We host a number of events like support groups and employment support clinics. Click the calendar above to discover all events, or see the upcoming events listed here.

Online Support Group

20 Apr 2021

Parents' Online Support Group

22 Apr 2021

Teenagers Support Group

27 Apr 2021

Online Support Group

4 May 2021

Online Support Group

18 May 2021

Children's Online Support Group

20 May 2021